Everything you need as a new puppy owner, delivered monthly. Pupbox walks you through all of the joys and challenges of puppyhood.

Pupbox homepage

Pupbox wanted to update their branding and with that wanted, a complete redesign of their website along with their subscription-based checkout model.

Pupbox sigup-flow gender
Pupbox getting started

Their brand needed to be much more prominant in their online presence. We explored and defined the use of the companys branding style guide to implement pops of color to increase the use of visual cues. The colors were implemented in text, iconography, and illustrations.

Pupbox signup flow gender

We wanted the UI to be playful and fun to reflect the company's overall brand. Along with the pops of color, animated illustrations were created and placed throughout the site.

500 Startups

Pupbox demo deck

Pupbox was accepted to Batch 15 of 500 Startups. This led the CEOs to ask me to be a part of their team– working onsite at 500’s Mountain View office.

During the acceleration program, I worked with Pupbox mentors and peers with the company's marketing, strategies and the overall UX of their subscription based checkout model.

Pupbox demo day
Pupbox demo day
Pupbox demo day

Most notably, we had to prepare for Demo Day, which was at the end of the program. This is where companies, investors, mentors and the community come together to review the progress that companies made and to celebrate their hard work.


We anticipated heavy traffic when our episode premiered, so between that short time frame, we wanted to add a few more features. More importantly we wanted to secure the overall website.

Pupbox blog 2-month
Pupbox blog socialization
Pupbox blog brush

We added a blog style feature to hold store various types of care information for every month of the puppy’s first year– from potty training guides to socialization advice.

When Shark Tank epsisode premiered with PupBox, they accepted a $250,000 offer from Dog Lover Robert Jerjavec. Since then, the CEO's moved their company to San Diego where they were recently bought by Petco.

“Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus.”


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